New Year's Resolutions

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! I am starting off this blog with a resolutions post! I took some time this year to seriously think about what I want my resolutions to be because I wanted to focus on positivity and confidence. For the past several months, I’ve worked on creating a YouTube channel dedicated to beauty and scarring. You would think that those two don’t go together, but that’s where I start to challenge the beauty standard of today’s social media-centric world. All you see on Instagram are perfect, Facetuned, beautiful women and men all with the same look (especially of the Kardashian variety). But differences and “imperfections” like scars, acne, or pigment are what make people special and that’s what everyone should be celebrating.

In my video, I talk about how my scars affect my everyday life and how I’m going to overcome these thoughts and barriers in order to grow my self-esteem and build confidence in myself. For example, I talk about how putting my hair up is a challenge for me at work because it fully shows my scars and causes a lot of staring. It definitely was not an easy video to film because I rarely speak so freely about my scarring and my thoughts! But it’s a step forward to my resolutions and a mentally healthier year. I’m even wearing a ponytail today at work.